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Our Forms:

Click on the link open a separate page with the instructions.

Health History 2014       This form is a great help to us. Before your first visit, take a minute to fill this out so we can spend more time with you and less on getting your background medical history.   Be sure to print it out  to complete it. We don’t yet have this electronically linked. (but we’ll work on it soon)


Below are some generic instructions for common surgeries we perform. These are Dr. Zickler’s instructions for his patients.    (Dr. Sweitzer prefers his not be on our website) Your particular instructions will be tailored individually for you and your surgery, but these are generally representative.


BREAST AUG – Zickler-Post Op Instructions

BREAST REDUCTION-What to expect at home

FACELIFT-Post Op Instructions


LIPO – Post Ops



POST OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS 2 AAAASF1  This one is a very nonspecific template for minor procedures, like small removals of moles or skin cancers .  They have been taken from the general  suggested instructions from  AAAASF.