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So what is Breast Implant capsule contracture ?

Posted on: July 28th, 2014 by Rod Zickler No Comments
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Whenever anything is placed inside a healthy human, her body begins to build a protective covering around it. Since this covering encapsulates the implant, it is called a breast implant CAPSULE. Everyone who has a breast implant (hopefully two) has a matching scar capsule. Fortunately, most women never even know it’s there. Only about 10% of women will ever have any signs of shrinkage or tightening of the scar capsule, and mostly the signs are mild . If you have noticed that your implants started out perfect but now one of them looks tighter or higher up on your chest, you’re one of the 10%. Other mild symptoms can be firmness of one side compared to the other, or one side that doesn’t move as easily or naturally than the other. If these or other imperfections in your result are noticeable or bothersome to you, contact your surgeon. I’ll be happy to see you even if  I didn’t put your implants in. (Many of the scar capsules I fix had their implants elsewhere)

How do you fix it?

Usually mild capsule contracture problems are solved in the office. We can offer mild or significant sedation (depending on your personality and wishes) to allow the actual surgery to be performed with a local anesthetic. The scar tissue itself is released like the slits you make when sectioning a grapefruit, allowing the scar pocket to relax and freeing your implant to its original condition. Usually women can return to sedentary jobs as early as the next day. Talk to us to find out if this will work for you.

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