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Your first visit to our office

Posted on: March 9th, 2014 by Rod Zickler No Comments
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Your first office visit is a chance for you to get to know our wonderful staff and to meet your doctor.  Dr Zickler will spend a great deal of time with you one on one.  We need to get some information from you about your desires and your goals.  We will also need to know about your medical history enough so that we can decide if what you want is safe for your health and we will also want to give you a great deal of information about whatever procedure you are looking into. For the sake of example, we will talk about breast augmentation. 


When you first come in you will meet the receptionist.  If you can let Melissa know that you are here, she will give you a copy of our preoperative information sheet.  This is also available on the website.  It will be very helpful if you complete it before you come in.  It will save you a great deal of time and allow you to do this in the privacy of your own home at your leisure.  In any event, this gets some very basic information down such as allergies and your name and address.  We will also want to get some information from you about how you would like to be contacted.  We need to know whether we can leave messages on answering machines or cell phones or whether you would like our communication with you to be more private and we should not leave messages.  Because these things will  be best taken care of before your consultation , plan to get to your visit early, about 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled appointment.  You may be used to other doctors’ offices where they are always late and delayed and you spend a long time in the waiting room.  Typically with Dr. Zickler’s patients we try to keep the wait less than 15 minutes.  It is very seldom that we get behind, but this is a surgical practice and sometimes we are doing surgery and we may run over the time estimate for any particular patient.  In any event, we have lots of magazines to look at but you may want to bring something with you in case there is a need to pass a short amount of time.


When you get back to our examining room you will have some photos taken.  Our privacy policy permits those photos to be in our computer and in your personal chart.  They will not be in our before/after books or released to the Internet unless you sign a specific release to allow us to do that.  Your pictures will be private and we make every effort to try and make them not visible to any other person that is ever in our office to the degree that that is possible.  Your photos will be used in your discussion with Dr. Zickler and afterwards will be kept as a part of your permanent medical record for your own before and after pictures.  Expect that after a brief discussion period there will also be a physical examination where measurements of your chest and examination of the breasts will be taken care of.  There will be a chaperone present and anyone that has accompanied you at your visit will either stay for the examination or leave depending on your desires.  Often it is good to have a second pair of ears for your visit as there will be a great deal of information exchanged and it may be very useful for you to have someone to talk things over with afterwards.  Of course, the person you pick should be someone you would be comfortable sharing your medical information with as they will potentially have access to whatever we discuss in their presence.  After your exam, we will get you changed into normal clothing for the rest of your consult at which point we will ask you some basic medical information so that we will be sure that any surgical procedure would be safe for you and then we will have a long discussion about everything that you would ever want to know about breast implants and surgery, as well as how that will work specifically for you and what you can expect for your outcome.   There will be lots (literally hundreds) of pictures to look at in our before and after books, but if you have a particular result that you have seen on an Internet or other source feel free to bring it in and we can discuss it.  It is impossible to duplicate on any one person the results of any other person but for discussion purposes and to better express what you are looking for and these pictures may be very helpful as a communication tool.  Expect that your visit will last about an hour.  If you have need to get out quickly or on a time limit, make sure and tell that to Dr. Zickler when we first start as we can abbreviate things if you are ready for a rapid pace.  In some cases, if we don’t get through all the material you need to know, a second or even a third visit could be arranged if you need.  We will primarily use before and after pictures of other patients and Dr. Zickler’s clinical expertise to decide what size implants are going to give you the results that you desire, but if you prefer a more concrete sort of illustration of what your results might be we do have implant sizers here in the office and if you would bring a sports bra of the size you think you would like to be and a relatively close fitting shirt or camisole top we can use the sizers with your sports bra to simulate for you what your results might be.  Unfortunately, placing implants in a bra somewhat over states the effect and is certainly not exactly what you are going to get with your biologically implanted implant, but at least it can give you some idea if your expectations are realistic once you see yourself in clothing and make sure that this is really what you want.  Usually this will be done with the help of one of our nurses.  Many people find it to be fun. 


If during your consultation you feel that you would like to go ahead and schedule your surgery, we can take care of that at the visit.  You will receive a very detailed written price quote from our Business Office, whch will outline the cost of the implants, the cost of the Surgery Center, what a likely anesthesia charge will be as well as Dr. Zickler’s fee for the procedure.  Although we try to be as accurate as we can and get up to date quotes from the Surgery Center and Anesthesia on the day of your visit, unfortunately we do not have any control over their pricing.  After you have received all of your information and pricing, you will also be given some written material to take home that should summarize all that we have talked about during our office visit.  All questions are welcome and once you think that you have an adequate understanding of all the issues involved and would like to schedule surgery we will be available to do that either at your first consultation or at your convenience over the telephone.  As yet, we are not able to do actual surgical scheduling over the Internet because of the involvement of the Surgery Center.  At present we are not charging for our consultations for surgery that is not covered by insurance carriers so you can literally feel free to visit us after you have been seen by another plastic surgeon.  Only by comparison will you see how much more we have to offer.  We look forward to meeting you.



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