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Cosmetic Surgery Associates


Roderick P. Zickler, M.D.


Forehead Lift

Post Operative Instructions



  1. Sleep with your head elevated to minimize swelling and bruising.


  1. Apply eye ointment before bedtime to prevent scratchy eyes until all swelling subsides (usually 3-4 days).


  1. Apply a light ice pack to your forehead and upper eyelids.


  1. Leave the bandage in place.  You will return tomorrow to have this removed in the doctor’s office.  At that time you will be able to wash your hair normally.  Gentle soap and water washing is also recommended for the incision line.  You may be able to use a small amount of peroxide on a Q-tip if there is some blood soilage at the stitch lines.


  1. Empty the drainage tube whenever full or if it becomes uncompressed.(It is supposed to look flat or concave on one side to indicate that there is adequate suction to prevent swelling and bruising). It will be removed tomorrow.


  1. Take your pain medication if needed. Many patients develop a headache the first night after surgery. If you don’t get a headache, you may not even need the pain medication and Tylenol may be enough.  Start your steroid dosepak in the morning (after surgery). If it makes you feel agitated or moody just stop the steroid. Otherwise follow the directions on the package, each dose will be a different number of pills.


  1. Refrain from heavy lifting or straining for at least 5-7 days or until sutures are removed and Dr. Zickler says that you can do heavy lifting.


  1. Refrain from the use of hair care products that may contain hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or heavy perfumes until incision lines are well healed.


  1. As always, if there are ANY questions, problems, or concerns call Dr. Zickler’s office, (423) 968-2732 or 1-800-231-3335.  We always would like to hear about any of your concerns sooner rather than later.




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