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The skinny on fat transfer

Posted on: June 30th, 2014 by Rod Zickler No Comments
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Is it true that you can take unwanted fat from your hips and turn it into bigger breast size?

The answer is a stunning yes. But not so fast… there are several caveats. For one, there is a limit to how much fat can be transferred at any one time and probably a limit on the absolute size of the finished breast. It may take several incremental surgeries to get the change , and there may be changes in your mammogram.

So how come we’re just hearing about this now?  Fat transfer has been around for a long time, but the very first attempts done in the infancy of the liposuction era were a disaster. The ASPS (the national society for real plastic surgeons) actually banned the procedure. Once they did that it became medico legally almost impossible for legitimate plastic surgeons to perform the procedure. In recent years, the rules have been gradually bent to allow for fat grafting to become a standard part of the breast reconstruction armamentarium. In 2012 the ban was quietly lifted and the procedure is gradually gaining acceptance.

The procedure can be done in the office, but expect several treatments to enlarge the breast as much as 1 cup size.  The good news is that the fat can be placed more or less where you want it. For example, more can be placed in the upper breast with less in the lower . This is commonplace in my practice when fine tuning breast reconstructions to make up for an uneven mastectomy by the general surgeon. The bad news is that unless you are very patient, an augmentation with your own fat may be very limited in size. While most breast implant patients use 300cc or larger implants, fat grafting is probably best for women who wish 75-100cc of increase. The process can be repeated, but you’ll need to wait at least 6-8 weeks between procedures.

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