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Buttocks Augmentation – 58311

Name: Buttocks Augmentation (Fat Injections)
Silo Name:buttocks-augmentation-fat-injections
Body Part Name: Buttocks
Description:This 37 yr old mom has always been unhappy with the shape and projection of her buttock. She has even resorted to padded undergarments to fill out her jeans.We decided to take some unwanted fat from her hips (flanks) and remove some unwanted loose abdominal skin so both these sites could be used to generate some fat for transfer. Ideally we would transfer 400-600 grams to each buttock to get the degree of augmentation she wanted, but we could harvest only enough for 375 grams to each side. Although limited correction was achieved, she likes her new shape and proportion.

Weight: 140
Height: 65
Age: 37

Before After Photo

before:                                                  after: